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Telling the stories that shape our future.

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Science is the ultimate driver of progress - especially in medicine. But science can only thrive if there is acceptance, support, and even enthusiasm for it. We are here to make this happen.

CSGK is a knowledge refinery. Taking complex knowledge, breaking it down to the essentials and transforming it into scientifically sound, emotionally gripping visual imagery is what we do best. Our focus is always on the details, and we love to use film to present the finished product.

We believe in viable solutions.

Solving a complex problem comes down to collaboration between individuals dedicated to the task – with dialogue and knowledge sharing every step of the way. We’ve cultivated a strong network of talented people who we can rely on to assist us with our projects, no matter how large or intricate they may be.

We believe in viable solutions.

We create clear communication that builds a connection.

We are experts in emotional science. We transform highly complex scientific theories and developments into engaging visual stories shared across multiple platforms and channels. We’ve worked with a range of formats – infographics, animated clips, film – for many years now, and use them to make ideas flourish.

We create clear and touching communication

We enable, develop and implement.

All good projects are based on sound preparation. As an agile agency, we do all the groundwork first using state-of-the-art digital tools within a healthy knowledge-sharing culture. Only then do we move on to putting your idea into development and delivering the final product. Along the way, you can rest assured of a strictly regulated, transparent value chain at all times.

We enable, develop and implement

We're ethical and curious, just like you.

In the life sciences, ethics is key. It’s essential to convey a sense of trust and compassion, and this is where emotionally compelling, visually striking stories enter the picture. Our clients are bold and curious enough to explore these paths, and we have the ability to deliver what they need – based on mutual respect.

We are ethical, curious and like you

We're a community whose foundations are built on talent.

We have a small, dedicated in-house team and a huge supporting community of talented individuals from all walks of life. We draw on both to assemble the perfect team for the job, every single time.

We are a community of talents

How to contact us. Drop us an email at: contact@csgk.berlin Give us a call on: +49 30 60 98 13 301