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We take audiences on emotionally charged visual journeys through the Life Sciences to generate support for innovation.

Why we do it
At CSGK, we are drawn to the infinite possibility, imagination and ingenuity of science – and we want to tell its stories.

Scientific knowledge is the ultimate driver of human progress. Even so, it can be a hard sell. It is complex, specialised and rational. It is born in the lab and enshrined on the page. It is about numbers, empirical evidence, trial and error.

But behind the data lies countless human beings: patients, physicians, researchers and employees. This is where the spotlight should fall in order to generate acceptance, support and enthusiasm for scientific breakthroughs from all corners of society.

As a knowledge refinery, we co-create with clients from the Life Sciences sector based on design follows knowledge as our principle and dialogue as our method to turn the scientific innovations that are shaping our future into visual journeys that inspire and educate. We call the result: Emotional Science.

What we offer

Creating universal trust through visual understanding

Stage one

Knowledge Refinement

A clear project brief is the strongest foundation for all our projects. We do this through continuous dialogue within the project team. Our approach is to never stop asking you questions, because we want to know everything: from what your innovation does and the insight-driven foundations it is built on to how you reached your goal and who helped you along the way.

By remaining in constant dialogue with you, we leave no stone unturned, giving us all the raw materials – the knowledge – we need. We refine, enrich and transform this knowledge into storyboards and scripts for our multimedia team, after which we enter production.

Stage two


Our productions are based on the principle of design follows knowledge, where your hard science forms the unshakeable core around which to build fascinating visual journeys through film, infographics and animation. The key to creating an emotionally charged bond with your target audience lies in finding the right balance between didactics and design – so that the journey informs, engages and entertains in equal measure.

Stage three


The devil is in the detail – and so is the ultimate success of our productions. Although we perform checks throughout the process, the third stage is reserved for conducting a comprehensive review of the material to ensure it is free of any linguistic or continuity-related stumbling blocks, and to synchronise this with your medical and legal approval workflows. This guarantees a flawless visual journey that grips your audience from the start and never relinquishes its hold.

Who we work with
We are dedicated to working exclusively with clients from the Life Sciences industry.

Close cooperation with a Life Sciences company’s most precious asset – its thought leaders – paves the way for visual journeys that spark excitement and engender respect for scientific innovation. Our in-house team is supported in this endeavour by a carefully curated community of talented individuals, each of whom brings their outstanding creative, analytical and medical skills to bear on projects.

What we value
We aim to become the world’s leading knowledge refinery for the Life Sciences by 2025.

When a scientific innovation deserves an emotional response, we want CSGK to be the first name that springs to mind for knowledge refinement and visual production. We embrace a New Way of Working that eschews hierarchy and strives toward conscious culture creation, where each individual works according to their respective strengths in pursuit of fruitful collaboration and fulfilment.

We build mutual trust between our team, our partners and our clients. We always respect the science behind the story and the individual expertise that goes into the collective outcome. And we pursue openness in all its forms, with all actors, so that together we can tell worthwhile stories people will remember.

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